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Food and Podcasts - A Perfect Match

I think we need to be honest about when we were looking for a location for Yorkshire Podcast Studios. Just so you know, here's our location 👇.

The team had a long list of requirements, from space, acoustics, parking, broadband, accessibility and many more. However one overriding factor always seems to sway us, and that’s food! We love food. After all who doesn’t? So when we found the Studios in Birstall, there was one thing that really swung it. There are an enormous amount of restaurants and places to eat and drink within a stone's throw… We know you want a list.... So here's the list!

We included Ikea - Come on, they do hotdogs and meatballs!

When you come and record a podcast, radio show or voice over with us, there are loads of places to go on your own or to take guests to eat and drink.

Because we want you to have a great time with us we also have full facilities for speciality hot and cold drinks. Did we mention all drinks are free! ☕️


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