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Brand new studios for hire near Leeds

Yorkshire Podcast Studios or ‘YPS’ is a state of the art studio complex right in the heart of Yorkshire. Offering the highest quality studios for hire.

Currently we have four studios for rent with studio 5 currently in the development stage. Our award winning team has a combined 120 years' experience in audio and video projects. This means we’ve built studios from the user's perspective to make using our facilities a joy.

We wanted to create a usable, enjoyable environment that audio enthusiasts and people new to audio and video would enjoy equally. Podcasting and streaming has seen enormous growth in the past few years and with a lack of high-quality facilities across the UK, Yorkshire Podcast Studios has quickly become Yorkshire’s leading recording venue.

So what can we do? Built on robust industry-leading technology the list is endless. Podcasts, Audio Books, Voice Overs, Green Screen, Radio Programmes, TV Contribution, Streaming to Visual Radio. You can pretty much do anything you can dream up at YPS.

The team behind YPS are dedicated content professionals. We produce content every day of the week and with content production at its heart we wanted to create a suite of studios that makes content creation as painless as possible. So what do we offer?

Studio 1 - The Jewel in the crown of our streaming studios. A state of the art AEQ Dante compatible broadcast desk backed up with a vMix visual setup utilising NDI Bird Dog cameras. This can be completely self-op or run from our control room with a studio producer. Bring in guests whether in person or remotely with TV quality remote connections. We’ve based YPS on a strong infrastructure, meaning our streaming capabilities are robust. With a dedicated leased line into our studios, our streaming bandwidth is guaranteed and not affected by daily fluctuations in traffic load.

Studio 2 - Our dedicated podcast studio, perfect for a single voice over or for up to 6 people in one sitting. With a 55 inch television on the wall which can be controlled by you, any content you desire can be shown on the screen. With LED lit acoustic panelling. down one wall, this studio is a real pleasure to work from.

Studio 3 - Podcasts can take all forms, our informal Podcast area allows you and your guests to sit more comfortably for a chilled out Coffee Shop feel. Studio 3 is served by a RODE Rodecaster Pro and RODE PODcaster mics.

Studio 4 - Flexibility is everything with Studio 4, our green screen facility allows you to create any studio you want virtually.

If you're looking for a flexible studio space, Yorkshire Podcast Studios will be able to help you. Either book direct on-line or contact us if you have any questions.


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