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About Us

David Easson
Head of YPS

I am a broadcast journalist, news reader, sports reporter and commentator by trade but I do other stuff as well!

As a radio journalist for 20 years I have read news, presented and produced radio on a huge variety of stations across the UK. I have also reported and commentated on Premier League & EFL football since 2002. 

As a kid I loved listening to the radio, I loved sport and I soon came to the decision that radio journalism was for me but it wasn't and never has been a direct route. Life doesn't work like that! However, I soon worked out that more you answer "yes" when someone asks you if you want to do something, the better the outcome. 

So that's how I have found myself moving to Teesside from Liverpool to work on TFM in the North East. It's how I found myself reporting with Middlesbrough fans on the streets of Rome before commentating on their UEFA Cup tie at the Stadio Olimpico. It's how my first ever commentary was at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff for the League One playoff final when my boss said, "fancy doing that"? Yes was the answer. It was the same answer when I was offered the chance to be the live world feed interviewer in the velodrome at the London 2012 Olympics. Paris 2024 is my 7th Olympics, having worked on a variety of sports. I also worked at the 2014 World Cup across Brazil. 


My passion is storytelling, specifically allowing people to tell their own stories. Those stories resonate with audiences, creating a unique connection. Whether that's in audio or video it's a key part of what we are trying to create here at Yorkshire Podcast Studios.

Since 2012 I have taught journalists at the University of Leeds and now the University of Huddersfield. Having had that experience working with young people, making sure they appreciate the power of the spoken word, I can impart some of that to clients as they take what may be their first steps in the world of broadcasting.


We aim to give you the confidence to produce incredible content, to tell your story and make that vital connection. It's what I love doing!

Mark Hitchings
Head of Tech

Mark is a multi-award-winning radio producer whose career in the industry has been defined by his unwavering passion for producing compelling content to keep audiences engaged. His foray into the world of radio started at the age of 14 when he set about securing work experience at his local station: Severn Sound in Gloucester. After bombarding them with letters (it was a while back), Mark eventually landed work experience that kickstarted his journey in radio. At Severn Sound he familiarised himself with tasks ranging from producing to tech operations and studio management.


With a thirst for learning and a passion for all things radio, Mark's career saw him assume diverse roles within the GWR radio group, culminating in his position as a producer for a Friday night show broadcast across the entire GWR network. It was here that Mark honed his skills in training presenters and fostering creative ideas that resonated with audiences.


The pivotal turn in Mark's career came when he received an offer from the programme controller at Trent FM to join the team as a producer for the new breakfast show featuring Jo and Twiggy. Working closely with the team and driving the show forward, the show soon won multiple awards, beating shows from Ricky Gervais and Terry Wogan to the highest industry awards.


Mark proved instrumental in shaping the success of the show and solidifying his position as a respected figure in radio production.


Mark continued his career working for GCap and more recently Global (the network of brands inclduing Capital, Heart, LBC and Classic FM. As breakfast producer for Capital, Mark worked with some of the biggest music artists, creating content to help cement Capital as one of the biggest commercial radio brands in the UK.


As a producer, Mark underscores the significance of talent management, creative thinking, and possessing a discerning ear for audio and visual content.


These key skills are essential in the production of podcasts as we see audio and video find a new home in the podcast industry.

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