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Studio 3a
Informal Podcast Area

Warm Environment

Studio 3 at Yorkshire Podcast Studios has been designed to offer you a relaxed, warm and cosy environment to record your podcast or vodcast. With a large 55" screen, the studio space can be made bespoke to your brand.

YPS Studio Oak Wall
Vmix in action

Remote Guests

Bring as many remote guests in to your podcast as required.  Studio 3 is controlled by its own dedicated vMix machine. This means a podcast or vodcast can be recorded or broadcast live to any platform of your choice. 

This also allows us to add any graphics or overlays to your visual broadcast.

RODE Procaster Mics

All our Studio 3 mics are the brand new Rode Podmics and Sony Headphones to give you the best possible sound.

Rode Microphone
YPS brick wall studio

Acoustically Treated

Our Studios are all acoustically treated to create the perfect recording environment. With fully controllable LED lights, you can create the mood you want when recording your content.

Visual Podcast

The cameras in the studio are equipped with the latest NDI technology and are operated in the control area in conjunction vMix visual software which can record or stream your broadcast. 

birddog cameras
Dante Audio Switch

Dante Audio

While Studio 3 runs on Focusright and Yamaha Sound Desks, all the audio is available on our wider Dante Network. This means we have infinite possibilities of how we route, send and record your audio.

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