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Two Adams bring their podcast A-GAME to Yorkshire Podcast Studios

Adam Mayhew and Adam Smith from A-GAME Consultancy spent the day at the Yorkshire Podcast Studios (YPS) on Tuesday to film a range of videos / podcasts. It was great to have them along as some inspirational stories were told.

Recording quality content could not be easier at Yorkshire Podcast Studios

A-GAME's goals is to empower high performers to go further, using DNA-defining nutrition, mindset mechanics, sobriety and a no-nonsense approach.

"It's been our first session at YPS and we've really enjoyed it," said Adam Mayhew. "We want to get our message out their to potential clients and individuals and you can expect to see the end product on our various social media platforms from the start of September."

Adam Smith added: "For us, it's the first of many recording sessions at YPS and it couldn't have gone better. The guys at YPS gave us a friendly welcome, were helpful throughout and kept us watered on a warm day.

"We would certainly recommend YPS to anyone looking to record podcast content in the Yorkshire area!"

Yorkshire Podcast Studios can help get you seen & heard

Recording quality content could not be easier at Yorkshire Podcast Studios

You don't have to be called Adam to record at Yorkshire Podcast Studios, we can get anyone up and running.

If you are looking for high-quality studios in which you can record podcasts, livestream broadcasts and get your audio or video to the audience you want in the most effective way possible, get in touch with us here at Yorkshire Podcast Studios.

We look forward to seeing you (for a brew and a chat) at Yorkshire Podcast Studios soon.

Give us a call on 0113 479 0774 or email:


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