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You risk falling behind if not providing podcast audio and video streaming

The YouGov Global Media Outlook Report has shown that podcasts and streaming video services are the most likely media channels to grow. If you are not providing these services to your customers and target audience, others will be.

Yorkshire podcast studios audio and video hire

Whilst radio listenership is in decline, podcasts are bucking the audio trend in many markets, with the proportion of weekly podcast listeners in Britain increasing reach consistently from 27% in 2019 to 36% in 2021.

Similarly, the number of US consumers who ever listen to podcasts increased from 39% in 2019 to 47% in 2021.

Yorkshire podcast studios audio and video hire

YouGov data reveals that 30% of consumers intend to listen to podcasts more in the coming year.

Across the 17 international markets surveyed, 59% claim to have listened to podcasts in the last 12 months, with 19% of consumers claiming to have listened to them more in the last 12 months.

What type of podcasts are engaging listeners?

Yorkshire podcast studios audio and video hire

The growing level of interest in podcasts is endorsed in the United States. Statistics show that every podcast topic has grown in terms of regular listening between 2020 and 2021.

Looking at individual podcast genre, news and politics is the top content type listened to regularly among US consumers in 2021, followed by comedy, and music.

In Britain, the podcast content preferences were slightly different, with comedy scoring highest among 15% of the GB population, followed by music (10%), and news and politics (8%).

Podcasts and video streams key to targeting Gen Z

Listening habits of consumers have been significantly impacted by the pandemic. Whilst radio listening has been hit hard, spending more time at home has benefited music streaming and podcasts, especially attracting digital savvy youngsters.

Podcasts present a strong opportunity for brands and advertisers to engage with a highly receptive and engaged set of listeners, particularly amongst younger adults. It is that Gen Z demographic that is the key driver in the growth in music streaming and podcasts.

Video Streaming services to continue growth

Yorkshire podcast studios audio and video hire

The YouGov data shows that the top drivers of growth in media consumption in the next 12 months are all digital.

Video streaming services have further tightened their grip on viewers in the wake of the pandemic and are likely to register the biggest growth in consumption in the next year. This doesn't mean that every podcast must incorporate video, but it is increasingly vital in hooking in certain audiences and providing content for social media.

The switch over to digital will continue to affect the growth prospects of the more traditional media channels.

In the coming year, as ‘work from home’ routines and entertainment habits linger, on-demand streaming services (video/music) and social media platforms are set to continue to keep consumers hooked – presenting crucial growth opportunities for media companies and advertisers alike.

With podcasting and video on the rise it's a fantastic time to consider what Yorkshire Podcast Studios can offer

Yorkshire podcast studios audio and video hire

Yorkshire Podcast Studios can get you up and running. If you are looking for high-quality studios in which you can record podcasts, livestream broadcasts and get your audio or video to the audience you want in the most effective way possible, get in touch with us here at Yorkshire Podcast Studios.

We look forward to seeing you (for a brew and a chat) at Yorkshire Podcast Studios soon.

Give us a call on 0113 479 0774 or email:


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